My Kill Jack's On
Milk Beast's Lullaby


Here's what people are saying about Milk Beast's Lullaby:

"Talk about a debut! Unknown artist My Kill Jack's On mixes drum n' bass breaks, IDM beats & the like with excellent melodies. Strong"
-----Ben Barnes ( Forestry Service & Amoeba Music)

"...Perhaps best described as a cross-pollination of Squarepusher's jazzy, drill and bass inflections, Aphex Twin's abstract emotional tweakers, and Muziq's melodically enriched broken jungle..."
-----Pietro ( Igloo Mag & Digital:Nimbus Radio)

Track Listing
01. You Can't Hide Your Breaks
02. Long Live Mono Lake
03. Runciter's Coin
04. Cet Homme Grotesque
05. Midwinteger
06. Radio Dead
07. Midori Midori
08. Molasses
09. Je Suis Aussi Seriex Que Toi
10. Super Sleuth

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