Various Artists
Big System Morsels


The 2PLAYERMUSIC exploration team scoured the globe to assemble this delectable collection of sound treats just for you. A handful of inventive electronic artists provided our team with the finest specimens of their work. From ambient to drum 'n' bass and everywhere inbetween, Big System Morsels is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

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"With only one previous release to its credit, 2Player Music is already beginning to stake out its place in the IDM world with its sophomore release, the Big System Morsels compilation, which, like 2003ís Six Records sampler Six Records Breaks Your Heart, stands out as an amalgam of artists you should know by now but donít.

Despite the amount of doubling up (four artists appear twice), Big System Morsels maintains a certain variety [and] gives us a promising window into what will most likely be the trademark core of 2Playerís repertoire: Breakneck breaks, cut-up beats and splendid melodic accompaniments. Itís a great niche for 2Player Music to fill, and I canít wait to see what shape their catalog takes."

----- Ben Barnes

Track Listing
01. Amanitas : Outrage Bypass
02. My Kill Jack's On : Lock 'N' Loll
03. Benn Jordan : Parkways
04. Jamie's Boombox : Arcadia
05. The Twittering Machine : Onepoint
06. Dot Matrix : Farbar Is Lost
07. The Flashbulb : Everyday Blue
08. My Kill Jack's On : Transpubliction
09. Bloke : Interfacing With Musical Cartoons
10. Dot Matrix : Answering Machine Melody
11. Lowfish : Theme To Parked Cars
12. Justin McGrath : Starting Out
13. Jamie's Boombox : Better Day

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