My Kill Jack's On
4 In '84


Our latest release!!! 2PLAYERMUSIC proudly brings you the second album from My Kill Jack's On. Unfortunately, the 101 hand-made CD editions are sold out, but the downloadable MP3 version of the album is still available.

NOTE: When you order the MP3 format, you will be emailed a URL and password within 24 hours that will allow you to download a zipped file containing the entire hi-quality MP3 album. Whatever email address you enter during the Paypal order process will be used. If you don't receive the link within 24 hours, please email

Track Listing
01. Bigga Record
02. Coffee House
03. 79apple
04. In The Ravine
05. I Swallowed My Tooth At The Orchard
06. Peach Fuzz
07. Sunday Stomach
08. Clear Skies Make Me Nervous
09. Transpubliction
10. Hello Erblivlion

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