My Kill Jack's On (aka Potions, JP Deltoid, Johnny 5, Rednecks, Chris Doria)


Potions : (TBD EP) : True Mother
Potions : Mother : True Mother
My Kill Jack's On : 4 in '84 : 2PLAYERMUSIC
My Kill Jack's On : Big System Morsels : 2PLAYERMUSIC
My Kill Jack's On : Milk Beast's Lullaby : 2PLAYERMUSIC
Chris Doria : Tool Time EP 2 (TKM-006) : Tokomak
Chris Doria : The Bushmen EP (TKM-004) : Tokomak
Chris Doria : Deck Shark Series Vol. 3 : Speaker Attack
Chris Doria & Joe Farrell : Electronic Corner : Symmetry

Chris hails from none other than Valparaiso, Indiana, the town where Orville Reddenbacher was from. Yes, they have a popcorn festival every year. In 2000 Chris moved out to Los Angeles because of the great traffic he had been hearing so much about. He decided it would be a good time to sell all his analog gear and buy a computer. Ever since, he has been making some phenomenal music with it. If you run into Chris on the street, be sure to mention that you have seen a picture of his 34-pound cat, Sullivan:

His album "Milk Beast's Lullaby" came out on 2PLAYERMUSIC in early 2004 and is full of the things Chris likes best: Chopped up drum breaks, synth patches that remind one of nintendo games, and ragga men shouting stuff like "mr. peppercorn". In all seriousness, it is a great album available right here from 2PLAYERMUSIC.

After supplying a few tracks to the compilation album "Big System Morsels", he then released his second full length for 2PLAYERMUSIC entitled "4 in '84".

These days, he produces under the name "Potions" and put out a fantastic album in 2012 titled "Mother" on his own True Mother label. A new EP from Potions is due in the summer of 2013 on True Mother.