Bloke (aka Yaniv Navot)

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Bloke : Experiments In Aesthetics : G6pd
Bloke : Music For Electric Lobe : DigitalKranky

Bloke was born in the Israeli wilderness in a deserted top secret military facility. At the age of 21, he released a 12" EP, "Music for Electric Lobe" on Digital Kranky, Berlin ( Within a space of two years Bloke has released various tracks on Kraked A.I and the experimental label Estrunax Records, both of them are based in the dark side of London, U.K. As his music slowly made its way to the stores, it became clear that many people out there felt a strong connection to it. Now he is residing in London, working on soundtracks for PC games and performing as a lone bloke around Europe and Israel.

His devilish Bloke logo has become a fashion tilt and a cult image among some underground cultures. Now you need to ask yourself, "Who is Bloke"?

Bloke's official site can be found here.