Dot Matrix (aka Brian Demski, Blockheadz, Tourist, Coly Potten, Byron Deminski, Cereal Port)

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Brian hails from the Chicago suburb of LaGrange, Illinois, where the big to-do is the annual pet parade. He has been making music for most of his life whether it be playing guitar in punk bands or programming patterns on his 707. He goes through phases of high musical output and slumps. He's finally coming out of a slump that has lasted since the late nineties. Seriously though, he's mustered up a few tracks for the 2PM compilation to be released this year.

Aside from finding time to make tracks, he also run this very label, 2PLAYERMUSIC. In fact he maintains this website too. He really enjoys typing in the third person.

In the Unreleased section of the releases page, you can find his ode to My Kill Jack's On.