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Jamie is a veteran of the East Village underground rock scene of NYC and a former membder of the notable local bands Frankenorange, Moonshine Messiahs, CabbageUK, Sewer Doves and Sly and the Family Stallone. Currently a solo composer, he's on a mission to get his "Electro-Rock" sound out to the masses.

Jamie's diverse musical career began in LA in 1988 during a brief stint as a very young songwriter/producer for Aaron Jacoves, the the head of A&R at Virgin Records. After moving to NYC in 1991, he gigged regularly in a bevy of rock bands with sounds ranging from old school r&b/funk, hardcore, country, surf and indie rock as bassist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. Jamie also plays keys, programs beats and is very fond of the "lo-fi" aesthetic often heard in his music.

His music regularly appears on 7 MTV programs worldwide - the smash hit Wildboyz, Motormouth, Punk'd, Snoop's Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Dismissed, Making the Video and Surf Girls as well as a couple of indie films that played Sundance recently.

The official site of Jamie's Boombox can be found here.