Lowfish (aka Gregory de Rocher)

Lowfish : Big System Morsels : 2PLAYERMUSIC
Lowfish : 1000 Corrections Per Second : Suction
Lowfish : Maintain The Tension : Suction
Lowfish : Eliminator : Suction

Lowfish is the musical guise of Gregory de Rocher, co-owner of Canada's premiere source for robot music, Suction Records. Born in Toronto in 1972, Lowfish spent his earliest years plagued with hearing problems, and was forced monthly to confinement in a sound-proof hospital laboratory, listening to the gurgling sounds of his brain. Once cured, young Lowfish found sanctuary in the sound of music, and was particularly infatuated with his mom's disco 8-track of Giorgio Moroder's robotic masterpiece "I Feel Love".

On a subsequent trip to the Ontario Science Centre, Lowfish witnessed a modular synthesiser demonstration, where he made the connection between this machine and "those cool sounds". This began Lowfish's quest for all things robot, from dodgy 70s modular music, to 80s new wave and industrial, through to various strains of 90s weird electronics.

Lowfish has been collecting gear and committing noise to tape since the age of 16. For over a decade, Lowfish has witnessed trends in electronic music come and go, and has developed a thorough appreciation for electronic sounds and melodies that are warm, memorable and timeless. Along with numerous international compilation and remix appearances, 1999 saw Lowfish release his acclaimed full-length debut, "Fear Not The Snow and Other Lo-Fiing Objects". Lowfish's 2nd full-length, 2000's "Eliminator", has proven to be his most successful and widely acclaimed release to date.

The official home of Lowfish can be found here.