The Flashbulb (aka Benn Jordan, Dr. Lefty, Flexe)

The Flashbulb : Big System Morsels : 2PLAYERMUSIC
Flexe : Programmable Love Songs Vol. 1 : Nophi
The Flashbulb : Red Extensions Of Me : Sublight Records
The Flashbulb : Resent And The April Sunshine Shed
The Flashbulb : Girls.Suck.But.You.Don't : Accel Muzhik

The Flashbulb is one of the many trade names of Benn Jordan, an eccentric and shockingly diverse recording artist that has dominated the underground of electronic music for years. Jordan was and is arguably a key figure in the job of redefining and pioneering new landmarks in computer-based music, and many listeners and artists agree that he is one of the most talented electronic musicians of the generation. Rather than just aiming to make strange sounds, Jordan seems to base most his impressively large collection of written material (a discography that surpasses 30 known releases as of 2003) on the ingredients that make emotional and beautiful music. His personality seems as diverse as his music. He claims to enjoy writing music overnight in elevators and he has most recently been found promoting controversial electronic music shows for a dog. Just as Benn may be the worst publicist in the world, his lacking qualities can be easily forgiven by his talents, be it in guitar playing, sitar playing, computer sequencing, or just plain raw talent.

Benn's official site can be found here.