The Twittering Machine (aka Daniel Blomquist)

The Twittering Machine : Big System Morsels : 2PM

The Twittering Machine is me, Daniel Blomquist, from San Francisco, California. I have been in various sound projects over the years having released material on Frozen Empire Media, Klee Media, Cranial Fracture Records and Crunch Pod Media. I've toured across the west coast with the sound art group 15 Degrees Below Zero, been a resident with the cutting edge LowPro Lounge crew and recently won the 4th Cith of San Francisco Laptop Battle.

The projects I have been a part of range from harsh to sublime but always try to maintain a bridge between the two. The Twittering Machine has been a project mainly focused on creating live improvised laptop music. Using randomized sounds and detailed beats with emotional melodies, I aim to make music that remains delicate and human but at the same time very intricate and technical.

The Twittering Machine can be reached through email.